Addressing the cause of injury Physiofirst is a company dedicated to providing the best quality physiotherapy treatment available anywhere. Conveniently located both in Essendon and the Epping Medical and Specialist Centre, we happily service many local sporting groups, athletes, arthritis sufferers and all other types of musculoskeletal pain.


The best clinical pilates in Essendon.


We stand by it. Try a class with one of our experienced physiotherapists or book a 1 on 1 session. We guarantee you will improve your core strength, overall mobility and decrease pain using our proven technique. We have the equipment and experience to guide you to achieving your health and wellness goals using pilates.


The key differences between Physiofirst and other types of therapists include:


Addressing the causes of injury and not just treating the symptoms

Most people, athletes or not, often have stresses on their body that can affect a number of joints and muscles. By identifying specific problem areas we can not only help the stiff and painful symptoms of a client but also stop the problem from recurring. We treat the cause of the injury to reduce these symptoms and improve overall function.


Extended appointment times

We actually enjoy spending more time with clients to better understand their injury or condition and what treatment works best for them. This enhances our ability to address the real cause of any problem and not just treat the symptoms.


Complete hands on therapy

All appointments are one on one time with the therapist. You get the whole allocated time for the type of physiotherapy that works! Hands on treatment, perfect for recovery or maintenance, including massage, muscle stretching, joint mobilisation and manipulation in differing combinations specific to your problem. NO machines, NO being left alone to do something you could do at home, NO shortcuts.


Promotion of self management

Who wants to go to a therapist for the rest of their life? Sure, some people will benefit from ongoing treatment but there is an alternative. If you can manage your problem with specialised exercises that stretch and strengthen tight and weak areas we will tell you. A program can be easily designed to help you self manage your injury and only seek treatment when necessary.


Extended operating hours

Everybody is busy. Trying to juggle life’s commitments and have treatment during business hours often can’t be done. That’s why we have morning appointments from 8am, and evening appointments till 7pm.

“We are attentive professional  therapists who continually  participate in professional  development, offer complete  hands on therapy, and are guided by the latest research. We only do what works. ”


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