Foam Roller


For use in treating the mid back, lower back, ITB, glutes and calves. Regular use of the roller enhances recovery from hard training, improves posture and can help reduce muscular tightness. Short Foam Roller $40, long roller available by order


Flex Ice


The best and longest lasting ice pack on the market.
We only recommend and use Flex Ice ice packs. They hold their temperature longer than all other ice packs, conform well to the body part and are almost burst proof! No leaks or oozing guaranteed, we happily replace your pack if this occurs. Don’t waste money buying cheap imitations from the chemist. Flex Ice packs can also be used for heat if needed.
Flex Ice pack - $16


Heat Patches and Cool Patches


For relief on the go, nothing beats our heat or cool patches. Heat patches last around 8 hours and cool patches last around two hours. Heat Patches $5 each, Cool Patches $6 each




A natural blend of oils and herbal ingredients give Fisiocrem at potent effect for sprains and strains. It has a simultaneous deep heating and surface cooling effect and is also suitable for sensitive skin, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. $15 per tube.


Exercise Mats


These moderate density foam mats are perfect for completing your home exercises and rehabilitation on. They are the same high quality used by top yoga and pilates studios. Please enquire with reception.

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