Treating your pain and stiffness


Physiotherapists use careful and specific techniques to assess the cause of your pain and treat it right from day one. Our therapists use a complete hands on approach allowing us to feel the problem and get you back to activity, sport or work as soon as possible.


We are also dedicated to the prevention or relapse of your pain or stiffness and offer realistic and simple strategies, education and exercise to keep you doing what you love without restrictions.


Sports injuries


Our therapists have worked with varying sporting groups so are superbly placed to keep you out on the field, the track or on stage as quickly as possible. Some of our clients are National level swimmers, representative footballers even dancers in the Moulin Rouge`! We know what it takes to assess, treat and manage your sports injury, getting you back to peak condition fast!


We also offer local sporting clubs a generous sponsorship deal. Let Physiofirst sponsor your club and we will give you - DISCOUNTED APPOINTMENT, PRIORITY BOOKINGS, EDUCATION AND SEMINARS ON INJURY PREVENTION and the same benefits for family members, club coaches and other associated staff.


We currently support:

Marby Lions – Maribyrnong Football Club


Moonee Valley Netball Club


Isolation Performing Arts


Workplace Health


Physiofirst also offer a great range of corporate health solutions. We currently have partnerships with busy companies in the logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and administration fields. Our services include - manual handling training, onsite physiotherapy, early intervention programs, specific preparation warm up exercise, musculoskeletal health seminars and pre-employment assessments.


Call our friendly staff today to discuss your specific company needs to save significantly on Worker's compensation costs, improve employee health and morale and make your workplace healthier!


Onsite Physio Melbourne

Having access to physiotherapy onsite not only keeps employees moving and pain free but can save you thousands on your WorkSafe premium! By reducing the chance and prevalence of workplace injury, companies boost morale and employee retention. We currently service large companies such as Huhtamaki Packaging, Sutton Tools and Lion Drink and Dairy.


Wellness Programs

Physiofirst can help to design, implement and run health and wellness programs all over Melbourne and Victoria. We take the time to analyse and discuss the best strategies to improve your workplace health and add services to complement your vision. This may include onsite physiotherapy, education and advice on stretching and exercise, training in manual handling or movement patterns and general avoidance of pain and injury. Once instilled in a company, employees and employers alike will see the benefits such programs bring to the workplace.


Early Intervention Programs

Create a partnership with Physiofirst to streamline physiotherapy bookings and have injuries assessed as they occur. We offer same day appointments, prompt treatment/assessment/referral if necessary to swiftly address any workplace injuries as they happen. This speeds recovery, reduces wait times and frustration for workers and ultimately decreases time off work. Companies using Early intervention Programs will see a noticeable reduction in LTI’s and MTI’s soon after introduction of the program, decreasing Worksafe Premiums significantly. See view current research.


Specific Preparation Warm Ups

You don’t exercise without properly preparing so why do the same at work?? Physiofirst has over 10 years experience in preparing workers physically for manual handling tasks performed at work.


We firstly analyse the work environment and assess the risks of the inherent tasks performed by employees during a working day. This information helps construct the basis of the program and the particular exercises that will be performed by employees to specifically prepare for work tasks and minimize the chance of injury or soreness.


The program is taught to supervisors or managers initially, saving costs on ongoing training. Physiotherapists will then help appropriate staff implement the program using training, handouts and information posters for the workplace. We are also happy to construct a DVD for future training purposes. The resultant boost in flexibility, well being and morale also boosts work efficiency and productivity. Call us to discuss a program for your workplace at anytime.


Clinical Pilates


Physiofirst has clinical Pilates classes run by our fully qualified Physiotherapist . Classes are by appointment only and have a maximum of five patients to help achieve your specific goals. Pilates can help you achieve reductions in back pain, stronger core and abdominals, improved flexibility and posture and improved overall wellbeing. Classes involve a combination of reformer work, mat work, resistance band exercises and use of a swiss ball. Classes are small in size and can also be booked 1 on 1 for specific rehabilitation.


Please call us NOW to book in for your class or for any further information.


Sports Medicine


Situated closely to Tristar Epping Medical (in the same building) allows us to utilise the expertise of Dr Andrew McMahon. Dr McMahon is the current Sports Doctor for the North Melbourne AFL team and is expertly placed to handle any complex sporting injuries requiring more than just physiotherapy. Speak to your physio to see if Sports Medicine is appropriate for your condition or call Willandra on 8401 1777 to make an appointment to see Dr McMahon.




We are pleased to work alongside Epping Foot Clinic who are located within our Physiofirst Epping Clinic.  Epping Foot Clinic can help with foot and gait assessment, custom orthotic prescription, ingrown toenail procedures and all general footcare. To see one of the experienced Podiatrists today call 8401 1511 now!

“We are attentive professional  therapists who continually  participate in professional  development, offer complete  hands on therapy, and are guided by the latest research. We only do what works. ”


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